Our Mission:

ViaVivo cultivates exceptional learning experiences by pushing the boundaries of technology to challenge learners, to assess performance deeply with insightful feedback, and to distribute learning when and how it is needed.

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Blaze a new path

What can a fuzzy space alien possibly teach you about running your own business? You might be very surprised. In Galactic Zappers, aspiring entrepreneurs struggle to manage their growing business - dealing with unsavory suppliers and demanding customers from around the galaxy. Players of this business simulation game can access detailed and accurate financial records for their virtual enterprise to track and manage their working capital. With over 500 active game variables, there are over a million possible game outcomes.

Exciting new possibilities abound, yet what are the four words that are still most used in today's e-learning? "Click next to continue." Computer technology advances at a breakneck pace, while e-learning developers struggle to adapt. Game developers create spectacular worlds that have limited practical value.

A new medium emerges. Advanced game technology incorporating synthetic intelligence, interactivity, and virtual worlds combine with cognitive and instructional theory. ViaVivo thrives at the nexus and is dedicated to closing the gap with a visionary new approach. We are pushing the boundaries of technology to create advanced instructional simulations and serious games, to challenge learners to improve, to assess performance with increased accuracy, depth and feedback, and to distribute learning when and how it is needed.

When learners receive a balance of appropriate challenge and instructional support, make meaningful choices, and encounter individualized outcomes, training outcomes are more meaningful, relevant, and actionable. At ViaVivo, we create these exceptional learning experiences.